Organising Committee

Zrinko Custonja

Zrinko Custonja is president of Croatian Academic Sports Federation and with team of closest associates and experts in the field of sports, finance and organization he is leading activities at 2020 World University Rowing Championship. After successful organization of European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016  as president of Organization Committee, he received special awards from European Academic Sports Association and University of Zagreb for sports excellence. His experience gained thru years of working in Croatian Academic Sports Federation and organizing major sports events are guaranty of quality organization that is expected for 2020 World University Rowing Championship.

Davor Habljak

Davor Habljak is secretary General at Croatian Academic Sports Federation. After being selected as youngest Secretary General of all national sports federations in Croatia 20 years ago, his active work in sports, especially university sports, lasts until today and in that time he gained experience thru organization of several major sports events – World and European Championships, European Universities Games and other sports events. Becide organization of sports events he specialized in financing of sports events and communication. Working for Croatian Academic Sports Federation and coordinating activities with City of Zagreb and Central State Office for Sport will lead to smooth running of all activities regarding 2020 World University Rowing Championship.

Ronald Strumberger

Ronald Strumberger is Director of Sports at Croatian Academic Sports Federation. University sport in Croatia consists of 25 sports in national program and participation in international sports events – Universiades, European Universities Games, World University Championships and European Universities Championships. Croatian university sports is among best-organized in Croatia and one of the best in Europe confirmed by the award for the best national university sports organization in Europe for 2016. After success in organizing the bigest sport event in Croatia, European Universities Games 2016. there is no doubt that 2020 World Univerity Rowing Championship will be organized on a high level.

Josip Kostelic

Croatian Rowing Federation has nominated Josip Kostelic as a national technical delegate for rowing for 2020 World University Rowing Championship. He is in charge of student rowing in Croatian Rowing Federation with great experience in university rowing as a technical delegate at European University Sports Association and organizer of biggest rowing championships in Croatia and Zagreb like Croatia Open, World University Championship and European Universities Championship. His role in the organization of 2020 World University Rowing Championship is cooperation with World Rowing Federation and their delegates appointed for this Championship together with technical delegates from FISU and to ensure that preparation and running of the Championship will be in the best working order considering all technical issues regarding rowing.


Hrvoje Sivric

Hrvoje Sivric is a member of Executive Committee at Croatian Academic Sports Federation. He was in charge of bidding procedure for 2020 World University Championships. Representing Croatian Academic Sports Federation in 2018 World University Rowing Championship in Shanghai he obtained all crucial information from Organisation Committee in Sghangai, representatives from World Rowing Federation and World University Sports Federation. Together with his obligations in organizational activities for the rowing championship, his role in Croatian Academic Sports Federation consists of cooperation on educational activities with FISU and he is the lead for all projects towards European Union.

Ivana Anicic

Ivana Anicic brings a great contribution to volunteering in Croatia, especially in a field of sports as she leads the biggest organized structure of volunteers in Croatia. Ivana Anicic works at Croatian Academic Sports Federation and coordinates volunteer activities for our Federation and other major sports events in Croatia. Her major experience besides working with volunteers was during European universities Games 2016 when she was in charge of legal issues and during 2018 World University Handball Championship where she was the member of Organization Committee. Together with the team of volunteers, she will be in charge of services provided for the delegation participating in 2020 World University Rowing Championship.